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At Belk Consulting Group we utilize our network of resources and expertise to develop businesses into becoming the pinnacle of success within their industry.

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Where we can Help You?

Everything About Business is Here.

Our network spans across more than 20 different sub-industries with a team consisting of 100+ professionals who have the expertise to bring your vision to life by customizing your individual needs. We take pride in providing quality services to our clients, accessibility and timely execution of each project we commit to. By cross networking as a team we are able to accomplish many project objectives at once.


We share our expertise, give advice, and guide healthcare organizations to make business decisions that promote growth and benefit their customers and patients.

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

The demand for innovative experiences is at an all time high within the entertainment industry. We help curate these experiences on a project-by-project basis ultimately increasing growth in brand awareness that leads to higher revenue.


The construction industry is riddled with labor shortages uncertain construction cycles, and margin pressures. We help construction companies navigate these pitfalls resulting in high potential earnings.


Education institutions are always in search for best recruitment and donor campaigns practices and we provide just that. Our research allows us to develop data-driven campaigns that yields high-value donors resulting in donation dollars. With higher donation dollars, we are able to drive top student recruits.

Growing With Our Clients

15+ Years of Experiences

With 15+ years of Experience across several major industries, Belk Consulting Group can bring any vision to life. We pride ourselves on gaining knowledge of even the most obscure fields, compacting that knowledge into data that we strategically analyze , and executing projects that yield the highest of customer satisfaction and revenue. 

Improvement (85%)
Branching (95%)
Consistency (92%)

James Belk

Founder & CEO

James Belk

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

James Belk

James Belk, founder and CEO of Belk Consulting Group, which was founded in 2009, has been a part of the success of many public and private sector businesses who have had a vision, but required guidance. As an experienced professional, Mr. Belk has dedicated over 15 years to the healthcare sector by managing behavioral health outpatient care and has been integral to the prosperity of several businesses.

During his tenure as Chief Operations Officer of a behavioral health company, he was paramount to helping develop over 10 outpatient facilities with over 60 different licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other behavioral healthcare specialists. Mr. Belk in 2014 established his own behavioral health brand called Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. and is also the founder of Genesis Healthcare Community Outreach Program, a mental health non-profit that helps youths struggling with mental health disparities by providing resources and skills to improve their quality of life.

In time, Belk Consulting Group was propelled past the realm of healthcare, and Mr. Belk’s skills as a negotiator and an expert advisor were able to arrange providers & healthcare agencies contracts with commercial health insurance companies, the US Veterans Administration, the US Post Office, Medicaid, Medicare, State and Local Government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies.

With a dedicated network of over 100+ professionals across 20 different industries, Mr. Belk’s perceptiveness, adaptability, and attention to detail are exactly what makes him a thriving business owner and business development consultant.

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